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 Scarface Sifre

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PostSubject: Scarface Sifre   Scarface Sifre Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 6:59 am

KILTONY - Suicide
FPATCH - Fill Balls (Trigger Blind Rage)
OLDFAST - Spawn Ariel MK III (Race Car)
DOZER - Spawn Bulldozer
BUMMER - Spawn Bodog Stampede
DUMPER - Spawn Odin VH88
666999 - Spawn Bacinari
BLACK - Black Suit
BLUESH - Blue Suit w/ Shades
GREY - Grey Suit
GREYSH - Grey Suit w/ Shades
SANDY - Sandy Shirt
SANDYSH - Sandy Shirt w/ Shades
WHITE - White Suit
WHITESH - White Suit w/ Shades
MEDIK - Full Health
AMMO - Max Ammo
TUNEME - Original Sound Track
MARTHA - Change Time of Day
FLYSTRT - Decrease Cop Heat by 1000
NOBALLS - Decrease Gang Heat by 1000
DONUT - Increase Cop Heat by 1000
GOBALLS - Increase Gang Heat by 1000
SHAZAAM - Toggle Lightning
RAINY - Toggle Rain
TBURGLR - Repair Tony's Car
TANSHRT - Sandy shirt
TIGSHRT - Tiger shirt
HAWAII - Hawaiian shirt
TANSH - Sandy Shirt with shades
TIGERSH - Tiger Shirt with shades
HAWAIIG - Hawaiian shirt with shades
S13 - Babylon Club Redux level
DW_FRON - Cabana Cigar/Oakely Drive In level
S12 - Deliver level
S07A - Freedom Town Redux level
F_M_SHA - Marina Storage level
S09 - Nacho Contreras level
S10 - Nacho's Tanker level
A51 - The Dock Boss level
S11 - Un-Load level
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Scarface Sifre
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