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 Pirati Sa Kariba "Na kraju svijeta"

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PostSubject: Pirati Sa Kariba "Na kraju svijeta"   Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:58 am

Cutlass - Default sword
Dutchman sword - Complete the Pearl Vs Dutchman level.
Norrington sword - Complete the Isla Cruces level.
Bone sword - Complete the Davy Jones' Locker level.
Gun sword - Complete the Sea Battle level.
Pirate King's sword - Complete the Shipwreck City level.
Davy Jones' sword - Complete the Maelstrom level.
Ghost sword - Complete the Hit Combo sub-mission on the Isla Cruces level.
Legend sword - Complete the Hit Combo sub-mission on the Maelstrom level.
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Pirati Sa Kariba "Na kraju svijeta"
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