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 Pain KIller

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PostSubject: Pain KIller   Pain KIller Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 6:55 am

Full ammunition = pkammo
Full ammunition and health = pkpower
All weapons = pkweapons
Extra gold = pkgold
Toggle disappearing bodies = pkkeepbodies
Toggle disappearing decals = pkkeepdecals
Toggle demon morph = pkdemon
Toggle weak enemies = pkweakenemies
Toggle excessive gibs = pkalwaysgib
Toggle God mode = pkgod
Toggle haste = pkhaste
Toggle weapon modifier mode = pkweaponmodifier
Toggle weapon specular = weaponspecular <0 or 1>
Change crosshair = crosshair <1-32>
Change player name = name <nickname>
Set field of view (zoom) = fov <0-255>
Set HUD size = hudsize <0-3>
Set mouse sensitivity = msensitivity <0-200>
Set multi-player frag limit = fraglimit <number>
Set multi-player time limit = timelimit <number>
Show position in level = pos
Toggle smooth mouse = msmooth <0 or 1>
Toggle weapon rendering = showweapon <0 or 1>
Change maximum UDP packet
size, as multi-player admin = maxpacketsize <20-1400>
Change setting for actions
send per ms, as multi-player admin = actionsendperiod <number>
Change team in multi-player mode = team <1 or 2>
Changes settings for my player
synchro, as multi-player admin = updateparams_myplayer
Changes settings for physics items
synchro, as multi-player admin = updateparams_physicsitems
Changes settings for player synchro
as multi-player admin = updateparams_players
Changes settings for projectiles
synchro, as multi-player admin = updateparams_projectiles
Exit game to desktop = exit
Load map in multi-player mode = map <map name>
Quit game to desktop = quit
Tell everyone that you are not ready
in multi-player mode = notready
Tell everyone that you want to break
match in multi-player mode = break
Toggle camera interpolation for
multi-player clients = camerainterpolation <0 or 1>
Toggle player movement prediction = playerprediction <0 or 1>
Toggle running speedmeter = speedmeter <0 or 1>
Benchmarking test in single player1 = benchmark C5L1
FPS display in single player1 = showfps <0 or 1>
Kick and ban player from server,
as multi-player admin1 = bankick <name>
Set max number of players on server,
as multi-player admin1 = maxplayers <value>
Set max number of spectators on
server, as multi-player admin1 = maxspectators <value>
Toggle power-up dropping after map
change, as multi-player admin1 = powerupdrop <0 or 1>
Toggle power-ups, as multi-player
admin1 = powerups <0 or 1>
Toggle weapons stay if collected, as
multi-player admin1 = weaponsstay <0 or 1>
Toggle damage to teammates, as
multiplayer admin1 = teamdamage <0 or 1>
Toggle bunny hopping, as multi-player
admin1 = allowbunnyhopping <0 or 1>
Toggle bright player skins, as
multiplayer admin1 = allowbrightskins <0 or 1>
Toggle forward rocket jump, as
multiplayer admin1 = allowforwardrj <0 or 1>
Change game mode on server, as
multiplayer admin1 = gamemode <ffa/tdm/pcf/tlb/voosh>
Reload current map, as multi-player
admin1 = reloadmap
Toggle spectator mode for multiplayer
clients1 = spectator <0 or 1>
Startsvoting for multiplayer
clients;for example callvote
maxplayers 21 = callvote <command command_params>
Agree or not agree to callvote for
multi-player clients1 = vote <yes or no>
Play indicated movie file for
multiplayer clients1 = demoplay <filename>
Record indicated movie file for
multiplayer clients1 = demorecord <filename>
Stop playback of current demo for
multi-player clients1 = demostop
Connect to specified server for
multiplayer clients1 = connect <ip[:port]>
disables/enables client prediction
in multi-player mode1 = prediction <0 or 1>
Latency in miliseconds, can be
negative, in multi-player mode1 = pushlatency <value>
Set number of milliseconds to pass
between sending your action packets
to server in multi-player mode1 = actionsendperiod <value>
Show network info from the start of
the connection in multi-player mode1 = netstats overall
Show help for the command in
multiplayer mode1 = netstats help
Unknown pkcards
Unknown join
Unknown rot
Unknown ready
Unknown demo
Unknown stresstest
Unknown server
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Pain KIller
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